Modern Montessori International London


The Montessori Method of education is a worldwide system of education founded at the beginning of the century by Dr. Maria Montessori. The goal of early childhood education is to cultivate the child’s own desire to learn. This is achieved by recognising the sensitive stages of growth in the child and guiding him towards natural learning for optimum absorption of skills and knowledge within the prepared environment.

Montessori environment is investigative.

Montessori environment is a nourishing place for children.

Teaching is on an individual basis or small group.

In the Montessori classroom children develops in their own pace

In the Montessori classroom children are active learners.

Expression is encouraged through art, craft, and free play.

We believe in providing a rounded learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, and more importantly, socially, and emotionally.