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South West London

Welcome to MMI Preschool, Modern Montessori International - the leading Montessori provider in the area.

When given the flexibility and liberty to learn at their own speed, children have a remarkable capacity to absorb information, according to the Montessori educational philosophy. A child-led method of education known as “Montessori schooling” incorporates children’s rights to achievement, play, and access to nature 

Giving your child the best possible start in life is crucial for their future. Giving children the best education they can get is crucial to making sure they succeed in whatever career path they decide to choose. For the interest of your child, make wise decisions and choose MMI Preschool 

The Location

Our preschool is in a lovely locality of South West London, based in the heart of Cottenham Park. Our children come from all around to attend. Our families, and employees are all diverse and accurately represent the multicultural city of London.  

You are about to join the group of parents who already recognised the quality of education that we provide in our Raynes Park branch. All young children, in our opinion, merit the best possible start in life.  

Oak tree Raynes Park Nursery Montessori Nursery

Why choose us?

Now more than ever, we must acknowledge the importance of outdoor play when it comes to the impact it has on early years development. If you want your child to have the best possible start, let them join our outdoor classroom in the middle of the park. 

Montessori underpins social-emotional abilities. The 100-year-old Montessori Method’s viability demonstrates that children who learn in Montessori classrooms develop stronger social-emotional skills in many areas than children in more traditional environments.

Time spent in nature provides children with the opportunity to switch off and give their brains a little bit of enjoyment. Allowing children playtime helps them burn off energy and improve their ability to concentrate, helping them to shine in the classroom.

Montessori children enjoy the freedom within limits. Working within the boundaries set by their early years Montessori teachers and the classroom community, children are active participants in deciding what their focus of learning will be. 

Having this vast outside area allows children to connect with nature and explore different types of plants can have a calming effect. 

Beginning at an early age, Montessori methodology nurtures order, concentration, and independence. Our unique classroom design, the enabling environment and materials, and daily routines support the children’s emerging “self-regulation” 


Our last OFSTED inspection was in April 2018 and we were rated GOOD. What OFSTED says about our preschool:  

“Staff plan carefully and assess children well. They have good knowledge of their key children’s development and use this to ensure that they are suitably challenged. 

“Children make good progress”. 

“Safeguarding is effective. Staff are clear about what to do if they have concerns related to a child’s welfare.”  

“Staff keep children safe”, “Staff provide activities that are wide-ranging, stimulating and cover the areas of learning” 

“Staff have strong, caring relationships with children. They interact with children warmly,” 

“Children are confident and motivated to learn. Children share and take turns well. They play cooperatively together and respect themselves and others from different cultural backgrounds. Children learn valuable skills to support their future learning.”