Modern Montessori International London

MMI Montessori Curriculum

What we want children to learn at MMI

We provide high quality balance curriculum which all children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

  • MMI curriculum has sensitive approach within secure environment in which children will develop range of skills interest and talents.
  • We take great care in making sure that children are offered achievable challenges, so their self-esteem is nurtured, and they are encouraging to even greater learning and exploration.
  • MMI curriculum is inclusive giving opportunities to everyone for best start in life. We build the curriculum by knowing our children and they interests, and we always start where the child is at.
  • We make sure that children are fascinated with what we offer, so they know we value their interest. We need to consider and see what is unique for each and every one and how we can aid and extend their learning best. MMI curriculum gives children opportunities to explore with free spirit and gives them freedom to play on a daily basis, therefore they develop resilience, self-esteem, problem solving, risk taking inconsideration to their own feeling and behaviour, and of other.

1. Practical Life

Practical life emphasizes care of self, care of the environment (indoors and outdoors), grace and courtesy.

2. Sensorial

The Sensorial area is where children learn to identify and internalize concepts such as size, shape, colour, taste and sound through the materials in our classrooms.

3. Language

Language development focuses on oral language skills, listening skills, writing and reading with the goal of students being able to decode words and comprehend the meaning of text.

4. Math

In Math, children use their mathematical minds to count quantities, identify numerals, sequence numbers, and experience addition, multiplication, subtraction and division at a concrete level.

5. Culture

Cultural activities help students discover ideas and concepts in geography, history, botany, zoology and the sciences.

Creative Art/Play

Children are encouraged to develop their imagination and ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in creative ways through painting, colouring, collage, play dough, clay, etc. There are opportunities for the children to enjoy singing, music and storytelling.

Imaginative Play

The role-play area enables the children to use their imagination. It builds confidence, encouraging cooperation and intervention amongst themselves. It offers a wider knowledge of their community through dressing-up in various costumes with traditional dresses and of people who help in the community.

Music & Movement

We use music-and-movement to help develop rhythm and co-ordination in your child in order for him/her to express himself/herself. The development of co-ordination helps develop the child’s ability to learn.

Sand/Water Play

This area provides endless scope and opportunity. Sand and water play holds a sensory experience and encourages manipulative skills (e.g. pouring accurately). It also provides a soothing effect, promotes concentration and leads to imaginative play. It provides an outlet for mathematical and scientific discoveries (e.g. volume, capacity, floating and sinking and weight). Sand and water play also give rich opportunities for language building.