Modern Montessori International London



This course is to assist in the understanding of Dr. Montessori’s practical research on the education of young children. This course is ideal for those who wish to have a basic knowledge of Montessori philosophy as it gives an introduction to the Montessori theory and her teaching apparatus.

Certificate in Montessori – Distance Learning course

A theory based course in Montessori, with elements of Child development and curriculum planning.

An overview of Maria Montessori and her life.


How long does it take to complete?

Student are given one year to complete but can be complete quicker, depending on number of home study hours the student can undertake.


Additional entry requirements

Students should have obtained at least 3 GCE O Levels (or its equivalent). They must also have a good standard of both written and spoken English. They must be at least 17 years of age.