Education should be based, above all else, on our confidence in the infinite value and potential of each child


What Montessori Means To Parents

Reassurance that the Montessori Method will prepare your child for Primary School


Confidence that all areas of education are being taught in a concrete and fun way


Knowledge that your child will be given the freedom to construct himself


Commitment that you are fully aware of your child's progress


Satisfaction because building your child's self-esteem, feeling of self worth and confidence is central to Montessori Education.



"To all the staff who have taught Rachel this year - a big thank you! Rachel has loved her time at MMI and it has been my pleasure to meet you all."
By Margaret Reeve (parent of FNEP child)

"Thank you so much for making my time so fun and enjoyable. I have learned a lot, sung lots of songs and written the alphabet too! My mummy and daddy are very proud of me too. I have met a lots of good friends at MMI and will always remember all my friends and teachers at MMI Cottenham Park."
By Ethan Yung

"Dear Teachers, thank you all so much for the care you have shown Adam. He has loved his time with you and learnt so much. He is really going to miss you all."
By Karen Dehlavi (parent of Adam Dehlavi)

"Thank you all the staff at MMI Pre-School for you help and support with Lottie."
By Gaynor Macdonald (parent of Lottie Craig)

"Thank you all so much for making Kai's time with you not only educational but enjoyable too! Since attending the Montessori he is really developed and he will miss you all very much!"
By Rachel Yumiko (parent of Kay Holley)


"To all staff at the nursery. A big ‘thanks’ for all your input with Niamh! Lots of love"
By Linda & Niamh


“We appreciate your time, support and love you showed for us all. Thanks again for everything”

From Glenn, Diana & Frank


“Thank you for the birthday celebration of Rahul today at school. We were happy and my sincerest thanks to each on of you”

By Anusha


“Thank you so much for the care that Benjamin has received from such a wonderful and friendly staff”
By Rachel & Michael


“We have really enjoyed the school and Bee has really thrived here. We will really miss it."
By Dawn


“Thank you very much for your great effort to support my children experiencing wonderful learning time in your pre-school”.
By Hitoshi


"Catherine and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how amazing all the staff at Cottenham Park are, and thank them for their massive, positive impact they’ve had."
By Carlo


"Excellent - the staff has done a wonderful job with Jemima. From colour recognition to sound skills, all have shown tremendous improvement!"

By Jemima T. (John 3yrs)


"Because Max is an only child he extremely enjoys his time at MMI Preschool and the interaction with the other children. He not only gets the benefit of a learning open environment, he also has fun while he is learning "

By Laura M (Max 4yrs)


"Not being with my child is very difficult and like most parents, it is hard to find some place trustworthy enough. I have definitely found that at MMI Preschool Every teacher takes time and much care with my child. I am very pleased with MMI Preschool..."

By Sibel K (Iram 3yrs)


"My son loves all the extra activities MMI Preschool has for her, such as Music, Fun and Fit, French, Show and Tell, and so much more – too many to write."

By Sarah K (Theo 5yrs)


"Thank you so much for having me I know I am leaving but I will miss you all so much. I really enjoyed coming here, I had fun and learned a lot .I have bought a cake an I hope you all like it."

By Tia


"Thanks for taking great care of our daughters. They have loved coming to your nursery and we are pleased to always see them so happy.
They will miss you all.
Thanks again"
By Kathryn And James.


"We have nothing but positive feedback for the school, teachers and staff at MMI. You have helped us through some challenging milestones and we appreciate your support and patience with all of us.
Many Thanks"
By Philip Lorring (Blackstone’s dad)