Education should be based, above all else, on our confidence in the infinite value and potential of each child

MMI - Croydon

What Montessori Means To Parents

Reassurance that the Montessori Method will prepare your child for Primary School


Confidence that all areas of education are being taught in a concrete and fun way


Knowledge that your child will be given the freedom to construct himself


Commitment that you are fully aware of your child's progress


Satisfaction because building your child's self-esteem, feeling of self worth and confidence is central to Montessori Education.


Our Holistic Curriculam

Practical Life Exercises

The exercises of Practical Life, which are the foundation of a Montessori environment, provide a sane and wholesome range of activities which allow your child to develop control and co-ordination of movement, awareness of his/her environment, good work habits, responsibility, concentration, attention, independence, order and positive self-image which can be attained by spontaneous and purposeful work.


Sensorial Training

These activities are designed to reinforce the five senses to help guide the children in learning to discriminate, clarify and compare. Sensorial exercises help prepare for intellectual development in an orderly manner. The Sensorial materials introduce the concept of colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell in an enjoyable way and are great fun for the children. The Sensorial materials teach knowledge and understanding of the world, The Sensorial materials lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Botany, Art and Music.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Young children have a phenomenal ability to absorb language. Every effort is made to give each child as much and precise vocabulary as possible. The process of absorbing, communicating and expressing is encouraged whether individually or in a group. This is a very important part of the Montessori curriculum.


Sandpaper letters are used to introduce the sounds of the alphabet to the child when he/she is ready. In the Montessori, children do not learn by heart, but utilises all their senses to help them read and write with proper understanding.


Discovering language becomes interesting, fun and creative through activities in the Pink, Blue and Green Montessori language series. Each child works at his/her own pace -gradually through daily practices, pre-writing, pre-reading, communication skills and reading.


Montessori Mathematics

Mathematics materials are designed to give the child a sound understanding of numbers and their relationship. Work is always introduced in a simple and sensorial way so that the child can see, hold and feel a number or concept and gradually be led to an abstract understanding. Children will learn numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, length, weight, capacity and problem solving.


Cultural Subjects

The Montessori cultural subjects cover:


a) Nature study
It includes the study of living and non-living things. Children will have the opportunity to explore and understand their environment.


b) Botany and Zoology
Children are exposed to the study of plants and animals. They will be taught to classify impressions into clear and simple categories.


c) Geography
To launch the child's exploration of the world's physical environment, children are introduced to the various continents, countries, states, land and water forms and the solar system.


d) History
Through creative activities such as modelling, painting and collage, children are taught to understand the distinction between the past and present and how the past events have led to the present situation.


Field trips

Excursions and field trips are planned to places such as the Zoo, the Bird Park, Botanic Garden, etc. These trips will give the children a chance to explore the outside world and learn new things while having fun.


Creative Art

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning to another, allowing him/her to extend his/her understanding. Children are encouraged to develop their imagination and ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in creative ways through painting, colouring, collage, play dough, clay, etc. There are opportunities for the children to enjoy singing, music and storytelling. Through these guided activities, children are able to experience success and this in turn will boost their self esteem.


Music and Movement

A music and movement programme that develops rhythm and co-ordination in your child. It is designed to nurture and refine your child's musical abilities and help him use these abilities to express himself.


Physical Development

A fitness programme that teaches age-appropriate exercises and healthy lifestyles choices.

Physical Development is about improving skills in coordination, manipulation and control. Physical development has two very important aspects: it helps children gain confidence in what they do and also enables them to feel the positive benefits of keeping healthy.


Children naturally love to jump, hop, bounce, roll, climb, catch, balance and stretch and have the opportunity to do so here careful supervision.


Sand & Water Play

This area provides endless scope and opportunity. Sand and water play holds a sensory experience and encourages manipulative skill (e.g. pouring accurately). It also provides a soothing effect, promote concentration and leads to imaginative play. It provides an outlet for mathematical and scientific discoveries (e.g. volume, capacity, floating and sinking and weight). Sand and water play also give rich opportunities for language building.


Outdoor Play Activities

Our programme provides for organised and free outdoor play within a variety of colourful and interactive play equipments. Besides these, there will be organised water and sand play.


The Nursery School

The nursery is situated at 46 Leslie Grove, East Croydon. The following buses stop (Leslie Grove bus stop) on Cherry Orchard Road, bus numbers 410, 197, 312, 367. East Croydon Station is a 7 minute walk or 3mins bus ride/drive.


MMI Pre - School caters for children aged between 3 months and 5 years old.


The nursery is open 5 days a week from 8am -6pm, 48 weeks of the year. We offer sessional care as well as full-time places. Early drop off and late pick up sessions are available on request .There is also a term-time option available based on a 38 week.


Telephone: 0208 686 2727


The Nursery Programme

Little Gems Baby Room from 3 months

In the baby area we have created a cosy homely atmosphere where babies are cared for as if they are at home.


We understand that children have different routines at a young age and often their needs are on demand, bearing this in mind all activities are tailored around your child, in a stimulating environment that is always lots of fun with plenty of cuddles and attention from our staff. The children are encouraged to rest as and when they need to in our rest area, which is separate from the play area. There is a lovely warm and caring atmosphere with a separate area for non -crawlers. As children become mobile new opportunities for exploration and exercise open up. A safe and interesting environment, with age-appropriate resources, helps children to develop curiosity, coordination and physical abilities.


This is a time when children can start to learn the beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. In this period, children can be encouraged to develop their social and mental skills by people to whom they have a positive attachment. Building on their communication skills, children now begin to develop a sense of self and are more able to express their needs and feelings. Alongside non-verbal communication children learn a few simple words for everyday things and people. With encouragement and plenty of interaction with carers, children's communication skills grow and their vocabulary expands very rapidly during this period. Exploration and simple self-help builds a sense of self-confidence. Children are also learning about boundaries and how to handle frustration. Play with toys that come apart and fit together encourages problem solving and simple planning. Pretend play helps children to learn about a range of possibilities. Adults are an important source of security and comfort.


Babies have a high level of interaction during which the following activities are introduced.

  • Story telling
  • Treasure baskets
  • Singing, Music and Movement
  • Messy play
  • Motor skills
  • Many other activities that help a baby's overall development.
  • Outdoor play in our astro turf garden
Sapphire Room /Toddler room

Is a bright and beautifully arranged environment, which is specifically designed for children between the ages 1.5 -2 .8 years Toddlers are changing rapidly and becoming young children instead of babies. They will slowly be introduced to toilet training, more advance motor skill activities and sleeping on mats instead of cots. As children of this age group emerge from babyhood, they require both a stimulating and nourishing environment to develop their mental skills. Children's fine motor skills continue to develop and they enjoy making marks, using a variety of materials, looking at picture books and listening to stories, important steps in literacy. Self-help and independence soon emerge if adults support and encourage children in areas such as eating, dressing and toileting. Praise for new achievements helps to build their self-esteem. In this phase, children's language is developing rapidly and many are beginning to put sentences together. Joining in conversations with children is an important way for children to learn new things and to begin to think about past, present and future. Developing physical skills mean that children can now usually walk, climb and run, and join in active play with other children.


This is an important time for learning about dangers and safe limits. The children have the opportunity for garden and physical activities as this room leads directly to our secure astro-turf garden . The ratio of carer to child is 1:3 to ensure the maximum of care and guidance for range of children.


Jade /Montessori Room 2.8- 5 years

The principle and aim of this room is to provide a secure, serene and happy environment where the child's abilities and skills are encouraged, where good social skills and a joy for learning are introduced in a fun way without any pressure, thus to develop the child self confidence, independence and self esteem ready for 'big school'


The activities are arranged on low shelving within reach of the children. They may work uninterrupted .for long periods of times either at tables or on small mats on the floor, where they are naturally comfortable. The pace is unhurried and although the curriculum is structured, each child moves through it at his or her own pace. The children are free to choose activities, which capture their interest and new activities are introduced as each child is ready for them.


They will be covering all of the areas from Montessori as well as covering the Foundation stage of planning. As a continuation from early learning experience from the toddler room, children of this age group are able to work with more complex exercises within the Practical Life and Sensorial Activities range. Activities are mainly hands-on, fun and concrete at this stage and this sets the basis for later/further development in the abstract concepts. Early mathematical concepts, word building skills and early writing skills are taught. Foundation is also laid at this stage for good work and social habits.



The children will have the opportunity to explore physical activities indoors and outdoors; we have 'free flow' access to our safe enclosed secure garden throughout the day. The garden is laid with astro turf. Here the children will have the opportunity to engage in some gardening activities as well running, jumping, hopping etc.


Fit &Fun

We offer a Fit & Fun session each week, where the children participate in variety of physical education and sport activities such as tennis, football, hoop games, basketball etc. These are organised by professional coaches.


Parent and Participation

We welcome parent participation during the school year. If you have a skill that you would like to share with the nursery, please let us know e.g. storytelling, music, and art, dance, gardening, sports, cookery etc.


Parents are welcome to join in various activities which are various cultural celebrations and festivals: Mother's and Father's day, Diwali, Black History Month, St. Patrick' s Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Halloween.



A newsletter, which contains an update of planning, activities, events, and meetings, is distributed to parents every term.


Parent / Teacher Conference

The nursery maintains records of each child's development progress, which are available to parents upon request. These records are sent home twice a year before parent's evenings, which are normally held in June and November. Parents may discuss their child's progress at any time throughout the year by making a mutually convenient appointment.


Educational Outings

Educational outings are planned to enhance learning. We regularly avail of the activities offered by the local library .We organise various outings to place of interest. Parents are given at least 3 weeks' notice and written permission is required. Parents are invited to accompany their child / s to nursery outings.



We all know that a varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child's development and active participation during their time at nursery and home.We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea each day and snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon for children .In addition to milk or water at meal times, drinking water is available throughout the day.


MMI Preschool is amember of NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association), which supports healthy lifestyle


Safety and Security

MMI Day Nursery and Preschool we have all the latest equipment and resources to ensure a happy, safe and secure environment for your child. We have installed Biometric finger recognition Technology which allows only those who are registered to enter or leave the nursery. At the nursery we have outside CCTV
and in the entrance hall .


Opening Time

Our core opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.00- 6.00p.m, 48 weeks of the year. We are closed for two weeks in December and the four days around the Easter bank holiday's weekend and the last week of August. The Nursery is closed on bank holiday. Early drop offs and Late pickups are available on request.


Holidays' Dates 2014/2015
  • Nursery closed: Monday 18th August - Friday 22nd August 2014
  • Nursery closed: Monday 25th August 2014 (Bank holiday)
  • Nursery closed: Monday 1st September 2014 (Staff training day)
  • Nursery closed: Wednesday 24th December - Friday 2nd January 2015 (Nursery will close mid-day on the 23rd December)
  • Nursery closed: Friday 20th February 2015 (Staff training day)
  • Nursery closed: Thursday 2nd April - Friday 10th April 2015
  • Nursery closed: Monday 4th & 25th May 2015 (Bank holidays)
  • Nursery closed: Monday 24th August - Friday 28th August 2015
  • Nursery closed: Tuesday 1st Septmeber 2015

On receipt of a completed registration form and fee of £50 (non-refundable); your child's details will be placed on the waiting list for the month of entry of your choice.

The registration form and cheque should be sent to the nursery address as above.


Cheques should be made payable to Modern Montessori International Ltd." Please note all application will be acknowledged in writing only.


Offer of a Place

To accept our written offer of a place at the nursery parents would need to:

  • Complete an enrolment form
  • Send a copy of their child birth certificate
  • Send initial payment £100

In the event of your child be withdrawn from the Nursery please note that one full month's of leaving is requested in writing.

Free Nursery Educational Place (FNEP)


Every 3 and 4 year old child is entitled up to 15 hours free nursery education per week... A child qualifies for this in the term after their 3rd birthday.

Fees for 2010/2011 –Term Fees 38 WEEKS


The fees quoted are for the term. Individual terms may vary in length from 11 to 14 weeks; however the total number of weeks in the academic year is always 38 weeks.


Child Care Vouchers

We accept certain Child care vouchers from employers who offer this benefit to their eligible employees as a paper or e-voucher. Vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from NI contributions for employees, whilst offering NI savings for employers. Both parents are eligible to claim as long as they are both in employment. Further information can be found at


Tax credits

Tax credits are available from the HM Revenue and Customs, based on household circumstances. You may be able to access help with the cost of 'Ofsted approved' childcare if you are working for a minimum of 16 hours per week. Check online at for further information and eligibility.


Setting in at MMI Pre-school

At MMI we offer a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your child. We can only achieve this through developing a trusting relationship with you the parents. Before a chid starts at the nursery we invite both you and your child for a settling -in session. During this time you will get the opportunity to meet your child's key person and share your knowledge as the main carer, which is significant to us in developing your child's individual plan. Both you and the child's key person completes a setting in form "First Steps " which is the start of your child's individual learning journey and development profile ,which grows with your child during his /her time at MMI .


We discuss what you child likes and dislike their personality, how your child behaves when they are feeling a little under the weather etc...


We book additional settling - in sessions building up slowly from one, two hours, three hours and so on.


Your child will realise that they can enjoy the activities, but you are coming back, you will get the chance to get used to being away from your child gradually and your child's key person will also have the opportunity to spend time getting to know you and your child.


When you and your child are happy, confident and comfortable we can then start your full sessions. We do not charge parents for the settling in period and it is vital for us to ensure we give each child and parent the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the nursery environment before joining.