Education should be based, above all else, on our confidence in the infinite value and potential of each child

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What Montessori Means To Parents

Reassurance that the Montessori Method will prepare your child for Primary School


Confidence that all areas of education are being taught in a concrete and fun way


Knowledge that your child will be given the freedom to construct himself


Commitment that you are fully aware of your child's progress


Satisfaction because building your child's self-esteem, feeling of self worth and confidence is central to Montessori Education.



Interested in a career with any other Modern Montessori Centres in UK or around the world? Look out for the vacancies listed below. If you don't see a specific opening of interest, but would like to submit your resume for future consideration, submit an application form here.


Job Title Place of Work Minimum Qualification Closing Date Others
Montessori teacher South East Asia Diploma in Montessori on going